ODT2XHTML - THE class PHP to convert yours files ODT in files (X)HTML - ODT 2 XHTML!

Presentation of the Odt2Xhtml class

Odt2Xhtml - Odt to Xhtml - is a class PHP5. She's purposed to transform files in format ODT to files (x)html, to make easier the publication on Internet, and/or the integration on content management system.

She's running as good in PHP server, also in PHP CLI.

Coding it !

Pleaze, see the script 'test.php' to understanding how to use correctly the library Odt2Xhtml!
and the script 'test_cli.php' explain how coding it to use with PHP CLI.

Modify file config

Obtain CSS in file separated
define('ODT2XHTML_FILE_CSS', 1);
Modify title in file HTML obtained
  • Obtain element TITLE's value :
    define('ODT2XHTML_TITLE', 'element_title');


Where? - 2011-03-10 -
http : xz, md5, sha1
bzr : bzr branch lp:~stephane-huc/odt2xhtml/trunk
(viewable on Lauchpad.net)
torrent : fichier
(viewable on Freetorrent.fr)


License : GNU/LGPL v3 !


Odt2Xhtml build in PCLZip library. She's a full rewriting another class PHP5, alike purpose, same name, but run with PECL Zip library.

Since July, 2007, it bases itself on the style sheet of the project ODFTools, having improved it...

Until the end of November 2007, version PHP4 was maintained - Since this date, there does not exist any more that version 5 - indeed the support official of PHP4 by group PHP is definitively stopped at December 31, 2007.

Since February, 2009, the library has modified to run with mode PHP CLI, and use function native ZipArchive.

Since March, 2011, the library is rewriting totally in PHP5 POO.


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